Patent Agent Exam Preparation - Taught Program

In addition to the online IP course, which includes reading materials, Intellecture also offers online live video lectures for the benefit of persons taking the exam. The online lectures will be scheduled at timings that will suit the working professionals. The taught course will include lectures on important aspects of Indian Patent Law to help candidates understand important patent concepts. The lectures will be delivered by experienced patent agents having strong patent expertise. The students will get an opportunity to interact with the instructors and clarify any doubts after each lecture.

The taught program will include twelve lectures on the following topics:

1. Patent System in India and Amendments;
2. Patentability Requirements;
3. Patent procedure in India;
4. Patent Opposition;
5. Patent infringement and Defences;
6. PCT Process;
7. Remedies;
8. Drafting Patent Specification
9. Drafting Patent Claims;
10. Drafting Licenses;
11. Patent Maintenance;
12. Approach to the exam; and
13. Handling Viva Voce 

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The taught course offered at a fee of INR 25,000 (Rupees twenty-five thousand only). Payments may be made by Cheque, Demand Draft or may be made online. Please contact us at for more details.

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